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Sasa Mendone began his DJ career during the mid-nineties, when the first house music parties began in Naples, Italy. His brother a popular local DJ, helped him to expand his musical knowledge.
From an early age he was fascinated by music that comprised of soft bass, genuine melodies mixed with an abundance of warm and vibrant voices.
These were the years of Little Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Ted Patterson, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson – all icons of the house music panorama, who have greatly influenced Sasa’s musical style.
At 22 he headed to London. In Soho and Brick Lane, (the established entertainment areas of the city) he had his first encounter with electronic and underground music, (both genres that projected his musical horizons even further).
A year later he arrived in the US, he was quickly exposed to US Garage. Mesmerised by this new sound he swiftly included Garage in his musical compendium.
After two years in the US, in which time he lived in Miami and New York, where the dense and exciting mutation of the house music style, deeply enriched his musical knowledge, Sasa decided to move to Ibiza.
Venues like DC10, and Amnesia, and parties such as Cocoon had a special significance for him.
When he embraced the hard house and techno sound, he was hooked , and it was then that he finally became a professional DJ.
Sasa’s sets have rocked dance floors in venues such as Blue Marlin Ibiza, Cafè del Mar Ibiza, Pacha (Ibiza/Dubai), Eden (Dubai), DOK Docshow (Italia), Aquarium (London) to name but a few.
Dynamic, driven and obsessed with always pushing himself creatively and professionally Sasa continues to expand his technical and creative horizons.
He is also extremely focused on production and the launch of his new releases.

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